When the girl arrived, Regn and White allegedly gave her

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Fake hermes Birkin Christopher K. White, 19, of Eastampton, and 28 year old Adria Regn, of Mount Holly, will face charges of conspiracy, human trafficking of a minor, promoting prostitution of a minor, promoting organized street crime, manufacturing child pornography, facilitating human trafficking, distribution of child pornography, possession of child pornography with an intent to distribute and impairing or debauching the morals of a child, according to the Attorney General’s Office.Regn and White were arrested in May for alleged involvement in the October 2016 incident.When the girl arrived, Regn and White allegedly gave her methamphetamine and marijuana, and told her she needed to work as an escort and give them the money.The couple then allegedly held the teen captive for 10 days, forcing her to have sex with as many as five men a day after posting nude photos of her online and advertising her services as an escort.“This is a classic case of human trafficking where these defendants allegedly trapped an underage Replica Hermes Handbags girl in dehumanizing circumstances in which they gave her drugs and forced her to have sex with multiple men per day,“ Attorney General Porrino said in a statement. „It’s terrible for anyone to be exploited in this manner, but it’s especially heartbreaking when the victim is so young and vulnerable.“Man indicted on human trafficking, prostitution chargesThe human trafficking charge alone could land White and Regn in prison for 20 years to life, while organized street crime carries a 15 to 30 year sentence Fake hermes Birkin.